Pic a day – 27th Feb


Today the photos from the Glentress trail race came out – which yes, I still need to write a review of!

This is the best picture of me that I could find! I’m not totally enamoured with it if I am being honest, which is why I haven’t bought it yet, however, if I do I will probably post about it!

This photo was taken about 3 miles into the race when I was feeling pretty good about it and myself! My legs were fresh, I was taking it easy going up the hills and I had just about hit a 7:30 mile.

Obviously from there things went uphill literally but downhill metaphorically in terms of my pace!  But it was still such an enjoyable race.  I’ve never had a come down after a race or a run like this! I must’ve had one million endorphins shooting around my brain.  I am so psyched about my training just now and want to do it right and get signed up for the next thing!

Pic a day – 25th Feb

Today Johnnie and I ran the Glentress half marathon. I’ll do a full race write up of it later, but I’ll just chat a bit about it too! It was such a tricky course, with lots of technical bits and many many hills. One of the guys I ended up talking too said he couldn’t believe it basically climbed up solidly for around 15km yet we still ended up back at the level at the start!

It was such a tough run, I’d say it was one of the hardest runs I’ve ever done. The ground was very wet, slushy and muddy, thanks in part to the left overs of Storm Doris! That made the climbs even harder and saturated my trainers!

It was honestly so much fun though and I can’t wait to sign up for the next one.

When we got back home, Martin had been working hard to prepare a delicious dinner of haggis, neeps and tatties and then pulled pork done in the slow cooker. We had my mum and Johnnie round and had such a nice night.

Pic a day – 24th Feb

Tonight I had the ‘Room Awesome’ ladies over for dinner and catching up. It was brilliant as it always is when I spend time with them. They are such a laugh and it was great to have them all up to our house and to spend time using or new kitchen and dining room!

After they left and I was getting tidied up, I had to shout on Martin as I had lost Murphy. We eventually found him, cosied into my side of the bed. Chancer!

Pic a day – 23rd Feb

I found this picture on the Twitter of one of the race organisers for the Glentress half on Saturday. I am super excited for it but also very nervous!!

This is my first trail half marathon so it was always going to be a challenge, however, looking at the weather forecast (which looks very very wet) and seeing what the conditions are like there currently, I think it is going to be even more challenging.

Don’t get me wrong though, I cannot wait to get going. It’s going to be quite an adventure! Looking forward to getting home after work tomorrow and getting all my kit set out and ready to go.

Pic a day – 22nd Feb

So today, we FINALLY got our tickets booked for Slamdunk festival. This is a one day festival that we (Martin, our pal Meghan and I) have been going to pretty much every year for the last 5 years. We’ve missed a couple due to life events or heading off on other bank holiday adventures, but we always keep coming back for more.

It is genuinely such a great weekend. The festival lasts one day but is full of the best pop punk music, beers and generally good times. We usually go to Leeds and are returning there this year, the only difference being that it is on the Sunday and not the Saturday! The good news is that I think I have a holiday on the Monday so we can stay over after the festival and just travel home as normal. 

I am so excited that we’ve finally booked our tickets. Here’s some highlights from slamdunk weekends gone by.


Pic a day – 21st Feb

With the wind howling, the rain pouring, a sore leg, a tired body and the fact that it’s only Tuesday, this photo of the scenery from my walk on Sunday is a little piece of sunshine (although it is a rather gloomy photo).

It reminds me to keep on powering through, because even though you can have Tuesdays which feel like Mondays, you get to have days where you are just wandering free, with little cares, enjoying the world and feeling at peace.

Today, I had a moment of what felt like synchronicity. Where something happened and was followed by something else which fitted and was exactly in tune with my thoughts. Now, I’m just working out exactly what it meant.