Long run excuses – 4/2/17

This weekend’s long run was a bit a mixture of good, bad and ugly. My route took me out from Cumnock along the trail into Dumfries estate. From there I ran around the grounds of the estate for a couple of miles before heading out along the trail towards the Barony A Frame and Ochiltree and back the way I came – a total of 13.1 miles exactly.

Overall, I felt much better physically than on my long run last week. The pain I had in my back last week is pretty much away, so I think it was a bug or a virus rather than a muscular thing. I also wasn’t so tired, at least initially. 

I knew that the full run would be on the trails more or less, so I was running for time and miles in the legs rather than a particular pace. It took me around 2 hours 6 minutes, which although I wish I was faster than, I am feeling ok about as my splits were pretty good and it was all off road. Also, I’m pretty happy that I can now run off road in much the same time as I ran my first road half marathon.

Although I feel like I was making excuses for what I feel was a bad run, it was such a gorgeous day and I really enjoyed myself just being outside adventuring (there was a bonus loup over a fence or two) and I was utterly starving when I got back, which meant I had ALL THE CARBS. Basically, I think I just need to suck it up and enjoy each run for what it is, rather than being disheartened by numbers.

Hopefully this run will set me up well for the Glentress half marathon in a few weeks time.


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