Pic(s) a day – 5th Feb

Had to start the post with this photo of Murphy before his big walk today – he looks so posed!

Today has definitely been a Sunday well spent. Long lie and breakfast of eggs, bacon and a bagel, then I got some of the house tidied up ready for the week ahead.

Later, my wee pal Amanda came up and we went a big walk with Murphy around Dumfries estate. It was great to catch up with Amanda and hear all about how her plans for the wedding are coming. Not long to go! I showed her all the best sights on the estate and she commented on how lucky I was to have that on my doorstep. I couldn’t agree more!

It really is the most beautiful place and I adore exploring the grounds of it.
After the walk, Murph was shattered so that let me get on with cleaning the rest of the house. Chilled out with Martin and played a couple of games of FIFA and now watching a bit of the Super Bowl before I fall asleep.

Sunday well spent brings a week of content….


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