86.8/1000 – Scary Dug Field and beyond

Saturday saw me clock up another 10 miles in preparation for the Glentress half marathon at the end of the month. 

I’d had a busy day and so couldn’t get the time to fit in anything longer, so I headed out for a steady 10 with Johnnie, who I’ll be running Glentress with.

We both decided early on that we were going to take it slow and not worry about pace and I am so glad I did. I really enjoyed the run; I hadn’t seen Johnnie in a while and it was a lovely way to catch up with him while getting some time in the legs.

We ran down Dumfries estate out towards what is called Scary Dug Field (SDF) as there is a mental collie that stays there which will literally herd you out of the field. I love dogs, but I am genuinely afraid of this one and when it ran at us on Saturday, I did the incredibly brave thing of pushing Johnnie in front of me and hiding behind him. After SDF, we ran through some more fields up into Auchinleck estate and round the gorge, before heading the same route home.

It was a properly mixed terrain training run, with road, fields, trail and some slippy, slippy mud. Although our pace was relatively slow and steady throughout, there were points on the stretches of road where we were hitting around 7.20/mile pace pretty effortlessly, which was very encouraging.

By the end of the run, I still felt fresh and like I could have continued running further. It told me that I have the stamina to push to go a little faster in the half marathon and the stamina and endurance to run the distance – fingers crossed!


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