Treadmill miles and no smiles

Tonight I took to the treadmill hoping for four or five miles, but managed three.

I hate the treadmill – I see these amazing runners who can take their runs indoors for certain circumstances and run for hours on the treadmill because they have to. But I can’t!

Tonight it was horrendously rainy and windy here and I was feeling a niggle in my right ankle and leg. I wanted to keep my run relatively short and also be close to home in case my leg got worse and I had to hobble home in the rain. Enter treadmill.

I tried what I could to make it more enticing. I brought my iPad to watch Netflix on. I told myself I would be faster as the treadmill pulled me along. But, every .1 of a mile seemed like a marathon in itself.

I finished 22 and a half minutes later with a still sore leg and a bored mind.

The Crown (which I’ve started watching on Netflix) is dead good though 🙂


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