Pic a day – 27th Feb


Today the photos from the Glentress trail race came out – which yes, I still need to write a review of!

This is the best picture of me that I could find! I’m not totally enamoured with it if I am being honest, which is why I haven’t bought it yet, however, if I do I will probably post about it!

This photo was taken about 3 miles into the race when I was feeling pretty good about it and myself! My legs were fresh, I was taking it easy going up the hills and I had just about hit a 7:30 mile.

Obviously from there things went uphill literally but downhill metaphorically in terms of my pace!Β  But it was still such an enjoyable race.Β  I’ve never had a come down after a race or a run like this! I must’ve had one million endorphins shooting around my brain.Β  I am so psyched about my training just now and want to do it right and get signed up for the next thing!


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