Pic a day – 4th March

IMG_3876[1]This morning I woke up and went a run with my pal Jim.  Ran five miles in under 40 minutes which I was very happy with, although my last mile was super slow.  This was because I ran the first four at a really good pace and used the last one as a bit of a cool down.  Managed my four miles is 29:15 with a 5k of 22:22.  Really happy with where my speed is at just now, considering I have been feeling a little down about it and haven’t really been working on it so much as my focus has been more on distance.  Onwards and upwards in that department 🙂

Tonight was the hen night of my best wee pal Amanda.  I am so excited for her and Jad to be married and tonight really just made me even more excited! It was a great night and really good to get to meet all of Amanda’s other friends before the big day in four weeks time!  It’s going to fly in and I can’t wait!!


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