Pic a day – March 5th

Walks along the river
Today was another well spent Sunday.  I got up early and as it was so bright and lovely, I felt really motivated, so I got some work for school done, had a cup of tea and shared a digestive biscuit or two with Murphy all while Martin made pancakes for breakfast.

Later, we headed out a walk with Meghan and Sorny and it was nice to get a wee catch up and make some pals plans.  Then, we went out for lunch with Martin’s family where I totally stuffed my face and loved it!

Martin and I cleaned up the house later on and then watched X-men with big bowls of cereal.  I’ve honestly not had cereal in ages and it was SO GOOD.


Today was also my lovely mum’s birthday.  She is over at the house on Arran with Johnnie at the moment on holiday, so I couldn’t be with her unfortunately, although I did make sure I got flowers delievered to her, like I do every year.  I know she had a lovely day, which she totally deserves.


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