Pic a day – 7th March

Some more Tuesday thoughts! I have been catching up on old running magazines I haven’t managed to read yet.  This was from an article in Trail Running from a few months ago with legendary trail runners Kenny Stuart, Joss Naylor and Billy Bland.  It talks about their accomplishments and how they achieved them. These three men have achieved so much and I can’t even begin to imagine their mental strength.

I liked this quote because although maybe my runs haven’t been as tough, long or as ground breaking as these men, but I know that feeling. That feeling where everything clicks into place when I am running, when my legs are loose and free and my breathing is set to a smooth rhythm. I live for those runs and I want to build on them to maybe achieve something even a little close to what these men have. 

Kenny Stuart shared some advice in the article which I also loved and has given me some motivation – “Keep the faith. Believe you’ll be a world beater in the end. In my teens I wasn’t very good, but I enjoyed it and believed I could be what I turned out to be.”


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