Pic a day – 13th March

Tonight I got home from work and prepped up Martin and I’s meals for the rest of the week. I’ve made chilli for lunches and dinner on Wednesday, chickpea, chorizo and spinach casserole for my lunches and tuna pasta for my dinner for tomorrow as I’ll be out at DanceFest with the school all night.

All this literally took about 20 mins to prepare and then it all just cooked away itself. I love feeling prepared food wise because then I know I’m not going to eat *too much* of the wrong things.


3 thoughts on “Pic a day – 13th March

    1. I am trying to make it a habit but it is hard to find time! I’m on my own so can’t imagine what it must be like with three children! Well done you!!
      The recipe is one I found on sprintkitchen.co.uk but I doubled the ingredients to get more meals lol. I put in:
      400g chickpeas
      400g tinned plum tomatoes
      2 or 3 squirts of tomato purée
      1 chopped pepper
      About two thumbs worth of chorizo chopped up
      My local shop didn’t have harissa so I mix in my own spices, all a teaspoon size – cumin, paprika and chilli powder
      A big handful or two of spinach

      Then I just shove all that into an oven dish and cook at 200 degrees for around 20 mins. If I’m eating it there and then I pop some feta cheese on top, if not I put it into some tubs and freeze or keep in the fridge for lunch. When reheating I just put it in the microwave for about 2 1/2-3mins and then get the feta on top 😋😋 it’s delicious and filling! Xxx

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