Catch up and update

So I have been a bit MIA from here lately, through no other reason other than I fell off the wagon and out of the habit.  I was always posting at night, but was getting tired and forgetting and preferring to just plonk my head onto my pillow and go to sleep.  I stopped blogging and I stopped journalling and by stopping both I have found my stress levels have increased, my level of gratitude and reflection has decreased and just generally I missed posting and looking back over the different things that had happened each day.

BUT NO MORE…….hopefully.  I’ve made a little schedule in my head of things I would like to blog about – daily, weekly and otherwise and I am going to make a real good effort at keeping this up.

So, in the absence of any daily photographs from the last month or so, I am going to share some highlights.  You might hear about these or see the pictures again in other blogs that I am thinking of writing, but here they are for just now.

The past month has went past in a flash! Since my last blog I:

  • have been on holiday from work for two weeks – which always makes time go too fast
  • have been a bridesmaid for my beautiful friend Amanda and had the most amazing day at her wedding
  • took Murphy for two kinds of snips – one for his hair and other for another area…
  • went away for two nights to a hotel with Martin and just relaxed
  • saw Beauty and the Beast at the cinema, which is a dream come true
  • went back to Arran for a couple of days

Hopefully these photos will sum up the kind of time it has been lately and I will post a few specific posts about these things soon.

These are just some highlights and I’ll hopefuly hopefully hoppppeeefullyy get back into regular writing soon.


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