Pic a day – 2nd May

Today was back to normal work day after a really horrible, bitty week last week and then a long weekend. I’ve a cheek to moan considering I was off yesterday, but I found getting up today really hard! Think my body was starting to relax by yesterday so to get back to routine today was a bit unwelcome!

None the less I got up and walked Murphy and had a nice healthy breakfast – spinach, tomatoes, eggs and bacon. It’s nine weeks today until we head off on holiday for a week and I entered another half marathon last night, so I am trying my best where I can to make sure I’m eating well and in line with my goals.

Right now, I am loving eating my breakfast at the dining table. The sun shines right in the window, Murphy lies by my feet and I make sure I have got time to eat properly and read a little of something. This photo is of the jar of flowers I have in the middle of my table. It’s my bouquet from Amanda’s wedding and the flowers make me feel so happy and summery.

Pic a day – 28th Feb

Last day of February is a wee time for reflection. February is the shortest month of the year, but a lot has happened. 

Our kitchen is more or less finished and we have a brilliant new dining table to sit and chill out at, which I do on a pretty regular basis (all the time). 
We’ve had a few good nights out and in catching up with pals, family and catching up on ourselves.

I’ve run the toughest but best run of my running career so far which has set me up and motivated me for more. I’ve ended the month on 125/1000 miles so still a ways to go, but I will get there.

There’s been a big change in the length of the days. More daylight = happier Aly! The early morning light right now is gorgeous and I am loving that there is now “evening” again, which is one of my favourite times of day, and not just night, slightly less dark night, a couple of hours of day, night again.

Looking back feeling grateful for a good February and looking forward to spring, March and all the plans we already have cooking away.

Pic a day – 19th Feb

Today I went a big walk with Johnnie and all the dogs. Murphy had his first big experience going in water and I was a terrified parent, but he was fine. He loved his big outing and ran all the way with Rosie and Ruby, although he did eat many poos. It’s so nice getting to a stage now where we can really enjoy Murphy and do proper things with him; he’s growing into such a great dog.

Later I got home to find that our dining room and kitchen are almost finished which is so exciting. We got it all a little tidied up and were able to have our first meal at our new table tonight.

Murphy having his first chew in the new kitchen

Renovating is definitely more of a marathon than a sprint, however, every day in every way our wee house is becoming more like a home. 

Pic a day – 11th Feb

My puppy, our new kitchen floor, my big spot on my forehead and a tired me.

Our kitchen finally has a floor which is so exciting! I can kind of sort of see the light at the end of the kitchen renovation tunnel now! It’s going to look stunning when it is finished! There’s still a bit to do, but it is almost there! Here’s a photo of the full thing while we were in the process of tidying up.

Big cuddles for Murph tonight though as he isn’t very well 😦 I think he has an ear infection and totally isn’t himself. He seems really depressed and has been sleeping most of the night. Normally, I’d be glad of the leave but I couldn’t enjoy it because I was so worried about him. Think it might have to be a trip to the vets in the morning unfortunately 😦