Pic a day – 1st May

The last week has really been pretty pants, all things considered, and so I kind of had to abandon my plans for getting back to blogging. However, it’s a new month now and time to make some changes.

After last week, it was nice this weekend to just get some time to relax and chill with Martin. I’ve been for two good runs in as many days and walks with Murphy, where we saw the lovely spring view in the photo from day – lambs and daffodils, I don’t think you could beat that! Last night I sat on the couch and watch TV for the first time in ages. It’s been nice to have an extra day today as well to be off work, although I could do with another as I am still knackered!

Back to the grind tomorrow!

Pic a day – 25th March

Holy Isle looking out of the water
Today was our full day on the Isle of Arran and this was the view I woke up to. It was the most stunning day imaginable, warm already by 9am and not a cloud in the sky.

We all got up early and a little worse for wear after the celebrations the nighth before. Matt, Paul and I headed out a walk up round the back of the house and then I headed to the shop for breakfast things. Meghan made poached eggs for everyone and I was in charge of toast – as I couldn’t possibly get that wrong!

We then got organised and headed off for the bus to Whiting Bay to climb up and see the Glenashdale Falls. I’ll do a full blog post on this walk later, as it deserves my full attention, but for now, here are some photos: 

Matt and Meghan admiring a view
The Falls
The Giant’s Graves

The weather played nice all day for us (exceptionally so) and it was the perfect walk. Afterwards we headed home and got organised for the party night for Matt’s birthday. 

We decorated the house and realised we didn’t have a birthday cake, so I literally had to run for cake. 

We went out for dinner at night and then for a few drinks in the pubs and the house. It was a great way to spend a day.

Matt and his badge

Pic a day – 23rd March

Tonight was so lovely that I headed back out to my new wee trail on my walk with Murphy.  It was a gorgeous night and a perfect walk. 

Thursdays are usually pretty busy as I finish work sharp, head home, walk Murphy, go to my PT session, home, wash, eat and head with Murph to puppy training until about nine ish.  However, I knew this week was going to be busy so I moved my PT to another time and this meant I could stay on at work for a bit to get some things done and then really relax and enjoy a walk with the pup. Feeling very glad that I did.

Pic a day – 20th March

IMG_3961Another Murphy related post tonight – honestly starting to think I should start him his own blog!

Tonight has had to be a hard working productive night to try to get through a lot of things and I feel like I have achieved quite a lot and got quite a bit ticked off my list, which is making me worry a little bit less in some respects, but more in others as I realise how much I still have to do!  I managed to get to the gym class tonight and it was good going and great to get back to another day of lifting some weights instead of just running!

I sat through the back working tonight and Murphy came through to ‘help’.  He wandered around for a while and then decided it was time for a sleep inside of our ikea cabinet.  He looks pretty squashed, but he kept going back to the same place so I assume he must’ve been quite comfy!

Pic a day – 19th March

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset
Walking round the dam

Today I got up, saw to Murphy and then got to work on things for school.  I decided to get up and do that and get some work out the way so that I could enjoy the rest of my morning and day guilt free.  I got a little bit done and then got almost caught up on Grey’s Anatomy.

Later, Martin and I went on a lovely walk round the Afton Dam at New Cumnock with Murphy. It started off a really dreich, wet, gloomy day but as we walked, it cleared up and we managed to get a really nice day.  It was perfect just getting away with the two of them to get some peace and quiet and clear my head.  Being outside is really the best thing and today with the scenery and the tranquility, you wouldn’t have known you were only five minutes from New Cumnock.

Murphy investigating on his first walk at the dam

Pic a day -16th March

IMG_3918A photo of a wee proud puppy face for today.  I was so chuffed with this little fella at his training tonight.  He did really well and was a lot calmer.  He listened really well to me and showed off all his new tricks pretty much perfectly.  He is getting to be such a wee super star dog!

Tonight he practised walking to heel and side, which he is getting a little better at, although he still jumps up to try to get the treat!  He also practised stay, wait, leave it and left and right.  He’s getting there with all of them and it is nice to get some positive feedback from the trainer.

Pic a day – 15th March

Another very busy day where I feel like I haven’t stopped at all since I got up this morning, so again, I have no photos for today! 

Martin did send me this wee photo though from Saturday when we went a walk with Murphy – if you look close you can see the pups head in the background.

It was just the picture I needed to see at the end of today – no matter what else is going on, how busy, stressed or tired I am – I love my wee family.

Pic a day – 12th March

Today we had my gran and papa over for dinner and some drinks. They got us our nice plates for our engagement and got us our table for our wedding so I thought it would be nice to have them over to get to put the table and plates to good use! 

Martin spent the day cooking and watching the old firm while I walked Murphy, worked and then cleaned the house.

We had a great afternoon and evening and the food was delicious. It was so nice to spend some time with my grandparents and to treat them to something nice.

Pic a day – 9th March

Murphy is now around six months old and we have been taking pictures every month to see how much he grows. This is his six month photo and he is getting pretty huge, compared to two months ago! He can still be a total pain at times but every day I am seeing wee cute, loyal, brilliant dog things in him and I’m loving it!

Martin added the 18 emoji for comedic value – 4 months old