Pic a day – 22nd Feb

So today, we FINALLY got our tickets booked for Slamdunk festival. This is a one day festival that we (Martin, our pal Meghan and I) have been going to pretty much every year for the last 5 years. We’ve missed a couple due to life events or heading off on other bank holiday adventures, but we always keep coming back for more.

It is genuinely such a great weekend. The festival lasts one day but is full of the best pop punk music, beers and generally good times. We usually go to Leeds and are returning there this year, the only difference being that it is on the Sunday and not the Saturday! The good news is that I think I have a holiday on the Monday so we can stay over after the festival and just travel home as normal. 

I am so excited that we’ve finally booked our tickets. Here’s some highlights from slamdunk weekends gone by.


Pic a day – 8th Feb

So a blog called Natalie’s Lovely Blog followed me last night and I went to have a wee nosey at her page.

So glad I did – have been listening to these songs all day today and they have even led me to listening to some artists I hadn’t heard before. 

Today I have also been listening to the Dear Evan Hansen soundtrack and it is as awesome as I had heard people say! Love finding new music!