Pic a day – 19th Feb


Today I went a big walk with Johnnie and all the dogs. Murphy had his first big experience going in water and I was a terrified parent, but he was fine. He loved his big outing and ran all the way with Rosie and Ruby, although he did eat many poos. It’s so nice getting to a stage now where we can really enjoy Murphy and do proper things with him; he’s growing into such a great dog.

Later I got home to find that our dining room and kitchen are almost finished which is so exciting. We got it all a little tidied up and were able to have our first meal at our new table tonight.

Murphy having his first chew in the new kitchen

Renovating is definitely more of a marathon than a sprint, however, every day in every way our wee house is becoming more like a home. 

Pic a day – 13th Feb

Today was a lovely wee day with all three of my dogs and my mum!

I got up this morning to go shopping with my mum and we had a lovely time. I love spending time with her and going on wee days out. We had a nice lunch and both managed to get our men something for Valentine’s Day!

Later, we went home and my mum came with me to take Murphy to the vet. The wee soul definitely does have an ear infection, so he got some antibiotics which seem to have made it a little worse tonight, but I’m hoping it’ll get worse before it gets better! I also booked him in for the operationπŸ™πŸ˜ in April, but I haven’t told him about this yet.

My mum and I then took all the pups for a walk down the estate and this was followed by many cuddles for me from Rosie, as you can see in today’s picture. She isn’t getting on too well with Murphy, so I like to give her a lot of attention when I can to make her feel better!