Catch up and update

So I have been a bit MIA from here lately, through no other reason other than I fell off the wagon and out of the habit.  I was always posting at night, but was getting tired and forgetting and preferring to just plonk my head onto my pillow and go to sleep.  I stopped blogging and I stopped journalling and by stopping both I have found my stress levels have increased, my level of gratitude and reflection has decreased and just generally I missed posting and looking back over the different things that had happened each day.

BUT NO MORE…….hopefully.  I’ve made a little schedule in my head of things I would like to blog about – daily, weekly and otherwise and I am going to make a real good effort at keeping this up.

So, in the absence of any daily photographs from the last month or so, I am going to share some highlights.  You might hear about these or see the pictures again in other blogs that I am thinking of writing, but here they are for just now.

The past month has went past in a flash! Since my last blog I:

  • have been on holiday from work for two weeks – which always makes time go too fast
  • have been a bridesmaid for my beautiful friend Amanda and had the most amazing day at her wedding
  • took Murphy for two kinds of snips – one for his hair and other for another area…
  • went away for two nights to a hotel with Martin and just relaxed
  • saw Beauty and the Beast at the cinema, which is a dream come true
  • went back to Arran for a couple of days

Hopefully these photos will sum up the kind of time it has been lately and I will post a few specific posts about these things soon.

These are just some highlights and I’ll hopefuly hopefully hoppppeeefullyy get back into regular writing soon.

Pic a day – 20th March

IMG_3961Another Murphy related post tonight – honestly starting to think I should start him his own blog!

Tonight has had to be a hard working productive night to try to get through a lot of things and I feel like I have achieved quite a lot and got quite a bit ticked off my list, which is making me worry a little bit less in some respects, but more in others as I realise how much I still have to do!  I managed to get to the gym class tonight and it was good going and great to get back to another day of lifting some weights instead of just running!

I sat through the back working tonight and Murphy came through to ‘help’.  He wandered around for a while and then decided it was time for a sleep inside of our ikea cabinet.  He looks pretty squashed, but he kept going back to the same place so I assume he must’ve been quite comfy!

Pic a day – 19th March

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset
Walking round the dam

Today I got up, saw to Murphy and then got to work on things for school.  I decided to get up and do that and get some work out the way so that I could enjoy the rest of my morning and day guilt free.  I got a little bit done and then got almost caught up on Grey’s Anatomy.

Later, Martin and I went on a lovely walk round the Afton Dam at New Cumnock with Murphy. It started off a really dreich, wet, gloomy day but as we walked, it cleared up and we managed to get a really nice day.  It was perfect just getting away with the two of them to get some peace and quiet and clear my head.  Being outside is really the best thing and today with the scenery and the tranquility, you wouldn’t have known you were only five minutes from New Cumnock.

Murphy investigating on his first walk at the dam

Pic a day – 18th March

IMG_3934Today was an excellent day all round.  I got up early this morning and ran out to the gym, did some strength training at the bootcamp class and then ran the long way home reaching a total of 4 miles.  I felt great after it.  It was raining and windy and I felt so refreshed and energised.

I got home and Martin had been running on the treadmill so after that the two of us went to take Murphy a walk and then I saw my aunt and my mum.

I had to get changed and ready super quick after that (which is not easy for me as I am pretty much chronically late for everything) as I was heading out for lunch with my gran, my mum and my aunt.  This was a wee joint celebration lunch for my mum, gran and my own birthdays and for Mother’s Day.  We had a lovely lunch and I felt like a bottomless pit and wanted to eat everything in sight!

When I got home, I had a wee nap and then Martin and I headed to Ayr for a pals night for my birthday.  We spent some time having a wee drink in Paul’s flat and then went to Pirate Pete’s.  This is i a place that is a kid’s soft play through the day and at night changes into a laser quest area.  So basically, the soft play and everything stays there but adults can book to go in and you run about shooting your pals.  I was TERRIBLE at it but I had so much fun.  We used to go quite a lot and then stopped for some reason, but I can definitely see us going back soon.  It was a great laugh.  Afterwards, we headed back to Paul’s for a couple more drinks and then came home. I fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow – I was exhausted!

Pic a day – 17th March


Today was pretty stressful at work.  I had a lot to get through but I wasn’t feeling great so it was taking it’s toll a wee bit.  I managed to get through a good chunk of work however and left to head home and walk Murphy.  We got totally soaked in the rain and the wind, but it was good to get the cobwebs blown away a bit.

I still felt very stressed out though so I went on the treadmill (I am not the hugest fan, but it was necessary tonight given the weather) and ran four miles as hard as I could.  I felt infinitely better after it and like I was ready to finally relax ready for the weekend.

Pic a day -16th March

IMG_3918A photo of a wee proud puppy face for today.  I was so chuffed with this little fella at his training tonight.  He did really well and was a lot calmer.  He listened really well to me and showed off all his new tricks pretty much perfectly.  He is getting to be such a wee super star dog!

Tonight he practised walking to heel and side, which he is getting a little better at, although he still jumps up to try to get the treat!  He also practised stay, wait, leave it and left and right.  He’s getting there with all of them and it is nice to get some positive feedback from the trainer.