Pic a day – 23rd March

Tonight was so lovely that I headed back out to my new wee trail on my walk with Murphy.  It was a gorgeous night and a perfect walk. 

Thursdays are usually pretty busy as I finish work sharp, head home, walk Murphy, go to my PT session, home, wash, eat and head with Murph to puppy training until about nine ish.  However, I knew this week was going to be busy so I moved my PT to another time and this meant I could stay on at work for a bit to get some things done and then really relax and enjoy a walk with the pup. Feeling very glad that I did.

Pic a day – 8th March

Tonight on my walk I saw this plaque on a building in the estate and felt it summed up a lot about how I feel about getting outdoors.

I use getting outdoors as a release; a way to reflect and think about my day or think ahead for the rest of my week. I can feel really tense after work and getting outside either for a walk, a run or both can make me feel like a totally different person. I can go out thinking about one and come back solving that problem and sometimes more. It helps me to put things into perspective and blow away the cobwebs of life.

I feel so moved by the outdoors sometimes and I think that this quote sums it up – maybe I’m just going for a walk, but usually I get so much more out of it than that.

Pic a day – 21st Feb

With the wind howling, the rain pouring, a sore leg, a tired body and the fact that it’s only Tuesday, this photo of the scenery from my walk on Sunday is a little piece of sunshine (although it is a rather gloomy photo).

It reminds me to keep on powering through, because even though you can have Tuesdays which feel like Mondays, you get to have days where you are just wandering free, with little cares, enjoying the world and feeling at peace.

Today, I had a moment of what felt like synchronicity. Where something happened and was followed by something else which fitted and was exactly in tune with my thoughts. Now, I’m just working out exactly what it meant.

Pic a day – 19th Feb

Today I went a big walk with Johnnie and all the dogs. Murphy had his first big experience going in water and I was a terrified parent, but he was fine. He loved his big outing and ran all the way with Rosie and Ruby, although he did eat many poos. It’s so nice getting to a stage now where we can really enjoy Murphy and do proper things with him; he’s growing into such a great dog.

Later I got home to find that our dining room and kitchen are almost finished which is so exciting. We got it all a little tidied up and were able to have our first meal at our new table tonight.

Murphy having his first chew in the new kitchen

Renovating is definitely more of a marathon than a sprint, however, every day in every way our wee house is becoming more like a home. 

Pic a day – 17th Feb

Friday night walk down the estate tonight and it was so lovely and peaceful. Gave me a lot of time to think about things and gave me time to try to clear my head and try to relax for the weekend.

I really think that it is one of my favourite places. It is right on my door step and it might not be as exotic as far flung places abroad, but it is beautiful and tranquil and sometimes I feel like it’s all mine!

Tonight I got a four mile run in and was sub 32 mins. That’s the first time that’s happened in a wee while and I am feeling super happy that my pace is coming back.