Pic a day – 26th March

Today we came back from our amazing weekend in Arran (another blog on this later, and I will catch up on my pictures that’s I’ve missed). I always feel so sad coming back, but I am very lucky to know that I will get another trip over there very very soon.

Today is Mother’s Day, so today’s picture is one of my mum but also two other very important ladies in my life – my gran and my aunt. I’m very lucky to have three inspiring and loving ladies looking after me, advising me and showing me the way. If I can turn out to be half the lady they are then I’ll be doing ok. 


Pic a day – 18th March

IMG_3934Today was an excellent day all round.  I got up early this morning and ran out to the gym, did some strength training at the bootcamp class and then ran the long way home reaching a total of 4 miles.  I felt great after it.  It was raining and windy and I felt so refreshed and energised.

I got home and Martin had been running on the treadmill so after that the two of us went to take Murphy a walk and then I saw my aunt and my mum.

I had to get changed and ready super quick after that (which is not easy for me as I am pretty much chronically late for everything) as I was heading out for lunch with my gran, my mum and my aunt.  This was a wee joint celebration lunch for my mum, gran and my own birthdays and for Mother’s Day.  We had a lovely lunch and I felt like a bottomless pit and wanted to eat everything in sight!

When I got home, I had a wee nap and then Martin and I headed to Ayr for a pals night for my birthday.  We spent some time having a wee drink in Paul’s flat and then went to Pirate Pete’s.  This is i a place that is a kid’s soft play through the day and at night changes into a laser quest area.  So basically, the soft play and everything stays there but adults can book to go in and you run about shooting your pals.  I was TERRIBLE at it but I had so much fun.  We used to go quite a lot and then stopped for some reason, but I can definitely see us going back soon.  It was a great laugh.  Afterwards, we headed back to Paul’s for a couple more drinks and then came home. I fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow – I was exhausted!

Pic a day – 15th March

Another very busy day where I feel like I haven’t stopped at all since I got up this morning, so again, I have no photos for today! 

Martin did send me this wee photo though from Saturday when we went a walk with Murphy – if you look close you can see the pups head in the background.

It was just the picture I needed to see at the end of today – no matter what else is going on, how busy, stressed or tired I am – I love my wee family.

Pic a day – March 5th

Walks along the river
Today was another well spent Sunday.  I got up early and as it was so bright and lovely, I felt really motivated, so I got some work for school done, had a cup of tea and shared a digestive biscuit or two with Murphy all while Martin made pancakes for breakfast.

Later, we headed out a walk with Meghan and Sorny and it was nice to get a wee catch up and make some pals plans.  Then, we went out for lunch with Martin’s family where I totally stuffed my face and loved it!

Martin and I cleaned up the house later on and then watched X-men with big bowls of cereal.  I’ve honestly not had cereal in ages and it was SO GOOD.


Today was also my lovely mum’s birthday.  She is over at the house on Arran with Johnnie at the moment on holiday, so I couldn’t be with her unfortunately, although I did make sure I got flowers delievered to her, like I do every year.  I know she had a lovely day, which she totally deserves.

Pic a Day

One of the things that I want to try to do on this blog has been inspired by my wee pal Amanda Smith.  She has been posting a pic a day since January 1st to document what has been going on for her this year.

Now, I obviously haven’t taken a picture a day since the start of the year, however today is as good as any to start! So first of all, here is my picture for today:calum

Today, my Dad’s partner, Cathy, gave birth to baby Calum James Arthur Killen.  I went to see him tonight and he is gorgeous.  He was 5 weeks early and only weighs 4lbs 5oz, but he is perfect and healthy.  I am very excited for my Dad and Cathy and can’t wait to see him grow up.

Now, January was a busy month with highs and lows throughout it, so I would like to share a few of my most favourite pictures from the month sort of as an ‘instead of’ doing the pic a day for January!

Photos of a few of my favourite people, from a month that was filled with a few of my favourite things.