Pic a day – 25th March

Holy Isle looking out of the water
Today was our full day on the Isle of Arran and this was the view I woke up to. It was the most stunning day imaginable, warm already by 9am and not a cloud in the sky.

We all got up early and a little worse for wear after the celebrations the nighth before. Matt, Paul and I headed out a walk up round the back of the house and then I headed to the shop for breakfast things. Meghan made poached eggs for everyone and I was in charge of toast – as I couldn’t possibly get that wrong!

We then got organised and headed off for the bus to Whiting Bay to climb up and see the Glenashdale Falls. I’ll do a full blog post on this walk later, as it deserves my full attention, but for now, here are some photos: 

Matt and Meghan admiring a view
The Falls
The Giant’s Graves

The weather played nice all day for us (exceptionally so) and it was the perfect walk. Afterwards we headed home and got organised for the party night for Matt’s birthday. 

We decorated the house and realised we didn’t have a birthday cake, so I literally had to run for cake. 

We went out for dinner at night and then for a few drinks in the pubs and the house. It was a great way to spend a day.

Matt and his badge

Pic a day – 18th March

IMG_3934Today was an excellent day all round.  I got up early this morning and ran out to the gym, did some strength training at the bootcamp class and then ran the long way home reaching a total of 4 miles.  I felt great after it.  It was raining and windy and I felt so refreshed and energised.

I got home and Martin had been running on the treadmill so after that the two of us went to take Murphy a walk and then I saw my aunt and my mum.

I had to get changed and ready super quick after that (which is not easy for me as I am pretty much chronically late for everything) as I was heading out for lunch with my gran, my mum and my aunt.  This was a wee joint celebration lunch for my mum, gran and my own birthdays and for Mother’s Day.  We had a lovely lunch and I felt like a bottomless pit and wanted to eat everything in sight!

When I got home, I had a wee nap and then Martin and I headed to Ayr for a pals night for my birthday.  We spent some time having a wee drink in Paul’s flat and then went to Pirate Pete’s.  This is i a place that is a kid’s soft play through the day and at night changes into a laser quest area.  So basically, the soft play and everything stays there but adults can book to go in and you run about shooting your pals.  I was TERRIBLE at it but I had so much fun.  We used to go quite a lot and then stopped for some reason, but I can definitely see us going back soon.  It was a great laugh.  Afterwards, we headed back to Paul’s for a couple more drinks and then came home. I fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow – I was exhausted!

Pic a day – 4th March

IMG_3876[1]This morning I woke up and went a run with my pal Jim.  Ran five miles in under 40 minutes which I was very happy with, although my last mile was super slow.  This was because I ran the first four at a really good pace and used the last one as a bit of a cool down.  Managed my four miles is 29:15 with a 5k of 22:22.  Really happy with where my speed is at just now, considering I have been feeling a little down about it and haven’t really been working on it so much as my focus has been more on distance.  Onwards and upwards in that department 🙂

Tonight was the hen night of my best wee pal Amanda.  I am so excited for her and Jad to be married and tonight really just made me even more excited! It was a great night and really good to get to meet all of Amanda’s other friends before the big day in four weeks time!  It’s going to fly in and I can’t wait!!

Pic a day – 24th Feb

Tonight I had the ‘Room Awesome’ ladies over for dinner and catching up. It was brilliant as it always is when I spend time with them. They are such a laugh and it was great to have them all up to our house and to spend time using or new kitchen and dining room!

After they left and I was getting tidied up, I had to shout on Martin as I had lost Murphy. We eventually found him, cosied into my side of the bed. Chancer!

Pic a day – 22nd Feb

So today, we FINALLY got our tickets booked for Slamdunk festival. This is a one day festival that we (Martin, our pal Meghan and I) have been going to pretty much every year for the last 5 years. We’ve missed a couple due to life events or heading off on other bank holiday adventures, but we always keep coming back for more.

It is genuinely such a great weekend. The festival lasts one day but is full of the best pop punk music, beers and generally good times. We usually go to Leeds and are returning there this year, the only difference being that it is on the Sunday and not the Saturday! The good news is that I think I have a holiday on the Monday so we can stay over after the festival and just travel home as normal. 

I am so excited that we’ve finally booked our tickets. Here’s some highlights from slamdunk weekends gone by.


Pic a day – 18th Feb

This picture wasn’t taken today, however today I did go to get my bridesmaids dress fitted for my best wee pal Amanda’s wedding 👰🏻 

The dress is totally gorgeous, comfortable and flattering and I can’t wait to wear it on Amanda’s big day! I am so excited to be her bridesmaid – what an honour to stand beside your best friend on the mkat special day of her life 🙂