Training – 1/05/17 – 7/05/17

This week started with a holiday and was full of pretty spectacular summer weather. It was also the start of a new month and marked nine weeks until I head off on holiday so it was with a fresh set of motivation pants on that I faced this week.

Monday 1st May

Today was a holiday which meant I could run during the day and still be home in time to do normal people things like relax, watch TV and eat dinner not at 9pm (although most of these things didn’t happen as I got stuck in about the garden when I got back). Today I ran 10k through the trails. It was the first really warm day of running that I’ve had since last summer, so it felt great, but also took some getting used to!

As you can see, I started out too fast and this hindered me in the rest of the run. Also, this shows only 5.2 miles because I hit the wrong button on my watch and started the first mile as a cycle…😐 anyway, my total time was around 52 mins and I was quite happy with this given that I ran on the trails the full way; a change I am still getting used to.
Tuesday 2nd May

Back to work today and back to focusing on my nutrition – spinach, bacon, eggs and tomatoes for breakfast, smoothie and yogurt for lunch and chilli burrito for dinner. I had snacks too throughout the day and when I got back from bootcamp tonight. Found that I had a headache by about half seven but putting this down to having less carbs than usual! Tonight’s training was bootcamp at the gym and it was a great session. Quite a bit of running involved with different stops around Auchinleck to do body conditioning exercises. Really enjoyed it.

Wednesday 3rd May

Headed to the track tonight to do some intervals. Decided to do 10 one minute intervals with one minute recovery and found it surprisingly enjoyable. Usually I am not a fan of intervals and can find it hard to push myself if I am on my own. Ran a total of three miles including to and from the track and was chuffed with a best pace at one point of 5:14/mile. Assuming that happened for literally a milli second, but at least it is there 😝

Thursday 4th May

Thursday is my usual PT day and is a busy evening afterwards so usually I don’t run. My PT was good tonight – focussed a lot of strengthening my legs and core. I find doing this is slowly but surely helping my running. I recover faster and don’t get injured as much as I used to. 

Friday 5th May

Had a rest day today as I was feeling tired and had heavy legs. I had trained pretty hard every day since Sunday and planned a long run for the Saturday so wanted to make sure I was fresh! Went a walk in the sun with the dog to keep my legs nice and loose. 

Saturday 7th May

Today was my first long run (double digits anyway) in a while and it felt really great. I ran off road for about 90% of the run so I am feeling pretty happy with my time. This run took me through Dumfries Estate where there are loads of lovely little paths for running. I headed out towards Ochiltree and did some 3 reps on the bing on the way out at a slow and steady pace. On the way home I met a man who had run 5/6 marathons and he gave me some good training advice – he was an advocate of hills so I felt glad to tell him I had put in my reps that morning. Came home and stretched and iced my feet and ankles in a cold bath – never gets pleasurable!
Sunday 7th May

A rest day! Walked the pup to get ice cream and found the shop was shut – disaster!

All in all I am quite happy with my training this week. As always there are areas I want to work on and improve, but I am seeing slow and steady improvements in my running. Time will tell! 

Pic a day – 18th March

IMG_3934Today was an excellent day all round.  I got up early this morning and ran out to the gym, did some strength training at the bootcamp class and then ran the long way home reaching a total of 4 miles.  I felt great after it.  It was raining and windy and I felt so refreshed and energised.

I got home and Martin had been running on the treadmill so after that the two of us went to take Murphy a walk and then I saw my aunt and my mum.

I had to get changed and ready super quick after that (which is not easy for me as I am pretty much chronically late for everything) as I was heading out for lunch with my gran, my mum and my aunt.  This was a wee joint celebration lunch for my mum, gran and my own birthdays and for Mother’s Day.  We had a lovely lunch and I felt like a bottomless pit and wanted to eat everything in sight!

When I got home, I had a wee nap and then Martin and I headed to Ayr for a pals night for my birthday.  We spent some time having a wee drink in Paul’s flat and then went to Pirate Pete’s.  This is i a place that is a kid’s soft play through the day and at night changes into a laser quest area.  So basically, the soft play and everything stays there but adults can book to go in and you run about shooting your pals.  I was TERRIBLE at it but I had so much fun.  We used to go quite a lot and then stopped for some reason, but I can definitely see us going back soon.  It was a great laugh.  Afterwards, we headed back to Paul’s for a couple more drinks and then came home. I fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow – I was exhausted!

Treadmill miles and no smiles

Tonight I took to the treadmill hoping for four or five miles, but managed three.

I hate the treadmill – I see these amazing runners who can take their runs indoors for certain circumstances and run for hours on the treadmill because they have to. But I can’t!

Tonight it was horrendously rainy and windy here and I was feeling a niggle in my right ankle and leg. I wanted to keep my run relatively short and also be close to home in case my leg got worse and I had to hobble home in the rain. Enter treadmill.

I tried what I could to make it more enticing. I brought my iPad to watch Netflix on. I told myself I would be faster as the treadmill pulled me along. But, every .1 of a mile seemed like a marathon in itself.

I finished 22 and a half minutes later with a still sore leg and a bored mind.

The Crown (which I’ve started watching on Netflix) is dead good though 🙂

86.8/1000 – Scary Dug Field and beyond

Saturday saw me clock up another 10 miles in preparation for the Glentress half marathon at the end of the month. 

I’d had a busy day and so couldn’t get the time to fit in anything longer, so I headed out for a steady 10 with Johnnie, who I’ll be running Glentress with.

We both decided early on that we were going to take it slow and not worry about pace and I am so glad I did. I really enjoyed the run; I hadn’t seen Johnnie in a while and it was a lovely way to catch up with him while getting some time in the legs.

We ran down Dumfries estate out towards what is called Scary Dug Field (SDF) as there is a mental collie that stays there which will literally herd you out of the field. I love dogs, but I am genuinely afraid of this one and when it ran at us on Saturday, I did the incredibly brave thing of pushing Johnnie in front of me and hiding behind him. After SDF, we ran through some more fields up into Auchinleck estate and round the gorge, before heading the same route home.

It was a properly mixed terrain training run, with road, fields, trail and some slippy, slippy mud. Although our pace was relatively slow and steady throughout, there were points on the stretches of road where we were hitting around 7.20/mile pace pretty effortlessly, which was very encouraging.

By the end of the run, I still felt fresh and like I could have continued running further. It told me that I have the stamina to push to go a little faster in the half marathon and the stamina and endurance to run the distance – fingers crossed!

Pic a day – 7th Feb 

Pic a day post and a running update! Got out late tonight due to work so was tired heading out, but glad I got at least three miles in the bag.

Semi happy with my pace tonight, had a fast first mile, although maybe should’ve slowed this down a little considering I was tiring a lot by the end of the run.  It was a super cold night tonight and only to get colder as the week goes on – spring can’t come quick enough!!

This now takes me to 76/1000 miles for the year so far. I’m pretty happy with that considering I am balancing it with cross training and strength workouts as well, so not running every day. This is something that I find benefits my body, mind and running, especially in winter. I’d get fed up pounding pavements or treadmills on cold winter nights after work. Not long until the lighter nights come in though – yey for running in daylight!

Long run excuses – 4/2/17

This weekend’s long run was a bit a mixture of good, bad and ugly. My route took me out from Cumnock along the trail into Dumfries estate. From there I ran around the grounds of the estate for a couple of miles before heading out along the trail towards the Barony A Frame and Ochiltree and back the way I came – a total of 13.1 miles exactly.

Overall, I felt much better physically than on my long run last week. The pain I had in my back last week is pretty much away, so I think it was a bug or a virus rather than a muscular thing. I also wasn’t so tired, at least initially. 

I knew that the full run would be on the trails more or less, so I was running for time and miles in the legs rather than a particular pace. It took me around 2 hours 6 minutes, which although I wish I was faster than, I am feeling ok about as my splits were pretty good and it was all off road. Also, I’m pretty happy that I can now run off road in much the same time as I ran my first road half marathon.

Although I feel like I was making excuses for what I feel was a bad run, it was such a gorgeous day and I really enjoyed myself just being outside adventuring (there was a bonus loup over a fence or two) and I was utterly starving when I got back, which meant I had ALL THE CARBS. Basically, I think I just need to suck it up and enjoy each run for what it is, rather than being disheartened by numbers.

Hopefully this run will set me up well for the Glentress half marathon in a few weeks time.